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Guanaja is a nice hilly island with many pristine cays perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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Guanaja is the second largest island in the Bay of Islands. It is quite remote with a bit more than 10.000 inhabitants, most of them on the offshore village Bonacca. The densely populated cay of Bonacca is packed with houses and is besides Mangrove Bight and Savannah Bight the only place that is crowded. Inlanders largely live of fishing, shrimping and have large farm lands growing local fruits. Near the mainland of Bonacca, next to a canal is its airport. It is said that Christopher Columbus landed on Soldadao Beach, Guanaja's north shore, on his fourth journey in 1502. He had named it Pine Island after the many Caribbean pines that are found across this green and hilly island. Other sights and activities you can do on Guanaja are fly fishing, hike to its only waterfall, enjoy the views of Grant's Peak and visit one of the cays, for example Southwest Cay, Half Moon Cay, Jack's Cay or Josh's Cay.

Most dive sites are in the south at several of its many cays. Some of the more popular dive sites are the huge in algae covered Jado Trader, Mestizo to memorize the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery and the spawning of thousands of groupers at Caldera del Diablo. It can sometimes be hard to rent snorkeling equipment so it is advised to bring your own.

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