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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Honduras.

Black Hills

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Is a sea mountain a mile away from utila town, you can find dive site Black Hills. The highest point is around 11m deep and the bottom depth is 50m. It is a very nice place to see schools of great barracudas, turtles, green morays swimming, lobsters, groupers, scorpionfishes... It's very dificult to find the underwater mooring line if you dont have a GPS....

Airplane Wreck

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Airplane Wreck is a small plane that has been sunk since 1992 (year that people from chachauate said). There is a mooring line where you can attach your boat. Then you can go down through the line and head left (if you are looking at the coast-cay) Five minutes diving will bring you to the plane that is in between of 16 and 20m deep. Nice corals around and nice to see how the plane was split in two parts. Then you can follow the reef and dive around the little round cay....

Mary's Place

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Mary's Place is probably the most famous dive site on Roatan. The dive was created during prehistoric volcanic activity. This activity broke of a huge chunk in the elbow like formation of the reef. This section is itself divided by other fissures to make an exotic undersea maze decorated with spectacular marine life. To protect this unique dive site, Mary's Place has been under a management plan, since 1997, designed to sustain this natural resource. Access is limited to one dive per div...

Hole in the Wall

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

If you want to go deep Hole in the Wall is the site you should go. Swim down through a large tunnel that goes through the wall and you come out at 110ft. Another 20 ft is our maximum depth and you hang out over the deepest blue you will ever see. There is no sign of the bottom here and it's a great moment to contemplate life, the universe and everything while enjoying a touch of nitrogen narcosis. Back up in the shallows, while decompressing, we swim you through the Swiss cheese, a network of ca...

Calvin's Crack

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Calvin's Crack is one of the most popular dive sites in the east of Roatan, at the south side of Cat Island. The mooring is in 7 meters and the crack is to the west of it. The entrance is awkward but not really small. If a diver is worried they can enter further down the crack, where the tunnel widens up and is completely free of overhangs. The depth of the crack goes from 9m to almost 30. You can exit the crack at 19m and 25m but you must be careful not to harm the wire coral. You need good...

Jado Trader

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The 240-foot Jado Trader was a refrigerator freighter scuttled in 1987 to form one of the richest artificial reefs in Roatan. She rests on a sandy bottom, completely intact and in waters between 80 and 110 feet, suitable for experienced divers. Today, the coral coverage is quite good, marine life is excellent and it is one of the most photo genetic wrecks in Honduras. Wreck divers can visit its cargo holds and bridge. A bit away from the wreck are two coral pinnacles starting at 20 feet beneath ...

Morat Wall, Barbareta Wall

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Morat Wall or Barbareta Wall is one of the most exciting dives in the Bay Islands. The five kilometer long offshore reef offers great drift diving. Due to its far distance from settlements and most dive operators this site has a healthy collections of large sponges, almost pristine communities of elkhorn and staghorn corals, as well as large outcrops of star, brain and plate corals. The vertical wall is broken by numerous sand chutes and covered with large barrel, vase and rope sponges. Black co...

Half Moon Bay Wall

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Half Moon Bay Wall is one of the best walls off the island. There are 3 moorings here, Dixie's, Half Moon Bay and Divemaster's Choice. They are all great dives and go from 10ft to way deeper than we would ever take you. Down deep are lots of gorgonians, huge orange elephant ear sponges and lots of interesting overhangs, under which the corals are so beautiful. In the shallows look out for flamingo tongues on the fans and lobsters and crabs in the crevasses. ...

West End Wall

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The dive West End Wall starts off just west of West Bay beach and ends up at Texas. The wall is gorgeous and the reef gets better and better as you get further out and start to catch the current. Clouds of fish cover the top of the wall, wrasse, durgons, barracuda and chromis all swimming together. ...

Cayos Cochinos

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Cayos Cochinos, Cochinos Cays or Hog Islands consist out of thirteen grouped coral cays and two islands. The two islands are Cochinos Grande (Cayo Mayor) and Cochinos Pequeño (Cayo Minor) with the Plantation Beach Resort on Cayo Mayor being the only dive accommodation. There is a spectacular hiking trail that brings you to the island's lighthouse and highest top with views across the whole group. It is only allowed to anchor at the designated mooring points, located at the 23 official...