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Two wrecks near Dixon Cove have been a source of speculation since the 70s when they approximately sank.

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Two wrecks grounded close together within the confines of Dixon Cove are familiar to all Roatan residents. Pass by on your way between French Harbour and Coxen Hole in late afternoon, when the sun transforms one rusted hull into an intense and picturesque copper sculpture. Both wrecks have been decaying here since the 1970s.

Stories abound. Some claim one ship, with a cargo of lumber, ran aground in a storm. The second ship came to assist, and also ended up on the reef. The lumber was off-loaded in a futile attempt to save the ship, and was collected by local residents. Others say the cargo was marble. One version maintains one was a Cayman-owned vessel run aground intentionally for insurance. Rumors persist that the ships were involved in the Nicaraguan revolution, then abandoned.

Longtime residents report that the wrecks were two separate incidents. One did carry lumber; the other carried paint. Both ships caught fire and were abandoned, what remained of their cargos pillaged. During an attempt to tow the ships out to sea, they broke free and came to rest in Dixon Cove.

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