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    1. Black Hills :
      1. Aguila, Eagle Wreck : El Aguila or Eagle Wreck is a 75 meter long cargo boat which was separated in three sections by hurricane Mitch.
      2. Deep Seaquest : Deep Seaquest offers a gentle slope coming from shallow Seaquest until you reach the phenomenal wall.
      3. Half Moon Bay Wall : Half Moon Bay Wall is a popular wall outside Half Moon Bay just north of West End.
      4. Hole in the Wall : Hole in the Wall is a deep series of caverns, swimmthroughs and tunnels cutting straight through the reef.
      5. Odyssey : The Odyssey is an almost 100 meter long upright freighter that was scuttled in 2002 near Mud Hole.
      6. Peter's Place : Peter's Place was named after the early Roatan live-aboard operator named Peter Hughes.
      7. Spooky Channel : Spooky Channel offers a narrow deep almost tunnel like channel running from the mainland directly offshore.
      8. Texas : Texas is one of the dive sites where you cana find the elusive Sargassum triggerfish.
      9. West End Wall : West End Wall is with its wicked marine life, steep drop-off and drift possibilities, one of the premier sites of Roatan.
      1. 40-Foot Point : Forty Foot Point is a rich vertical drop-off starting at 40 foot or 12 meter surprisingly.
      2. Barracuda : Barracuda will follow you when diving several different routes with canyons, through swim-throughs and across sand patches.
      3. Dixon Cove Wrecks : Two wrecks near Dixon Cove have been a source of speculation since the 70s when they approximately sank.
      4. Doc's Dive : Doc's Dive offers a shallow plateau gradually descending to the wall dropping down to more than 30 meters.
      5. Dolphins Den, Dolphin Graveyard : Dolphin Den or Dolphin Graveyard is a nice cavern with a partly open ceiling making it a save and relaxed cave dive.
        1. Insidious Reef : Insidious Reef is a wicked wall dive located on a small crest just south of the more common fringe reef.
        2. Key Hole : Keyhole is a nice canyon that narrows towards the reef end creating an open cathedral.
        3. Labyrinth : The Labyrinth is a popular dive for most scuba divers because of its in coral encrusted swimmthroughs and overhangs.
        4. Mary's Place : Mary's Place is a phenomenal wall dive filled with black corals and fish built in between a vertical fault.
        5. Milk Jug : Milk Jug is a nice snorkeling and diving site named after the long removed buoy.
        6. Pat's Place : At Pat's Place you can enter a crack and swimmthrough in the reef wall starting at 32m and exiting at 16m.
        7. Prince Albert : The Prince Albert Wreck was the first scuttled freighter in Honduras, today offering a rich underwater marine environment.
        8. Sea Star Channel : Sea Star Channel is a long channel, often used for training diving, where sea stars are quite numerous.
        9. Sponges : Plenty of bright soft and hard corals can be found at dive site the Sponges.
        1. Calvin's Crack : Calvin's Crack is a wall dive through a huge open tunnel created inside the reef.
        2. Fort Cay Wall : The wall of Fort Cay Wall is one with huge predators and often mild currents.
        3. Shark Dive, Face to Face : If feeding sharks from close is your thing your should visit Shark Dive or Face to Face.
        1. Morat Wall, Barbareta Wall : Morat Wall is a fantastic three miles long wall drift dive just to the south of the island Barbareta.
        1. Jado Trader : The huge Jado Trader used to be the Bay of Island's signature wreck dive.
          1. Airplane Wreck :
          2. Pelican Point Wall : Pelicon Point Wall is a steep wall starting shallow making it a perfect dive for novice divers.