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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.


Around Utilla Town, Airport Reef, Airport Caves, Halliburton, Lighthouse Reef, Moonpool, Ron's Wreck, Utila Lodge, Big Rock, Black Coral Wall, Cabanas, CJ's Drop-off, Don Quickset, East End Reef, Aquarium, Jack Neil Point, Laguna Beach & Bank, Little Little Bight, Pretty Bush, Ragged Cay, Silver Gardens, Spotted Point, Stingray Point, Ted's Point, Turtle Harbor, Blackish Point, Great Wall, Duppy Water, Maze, Pinnacle, Willy's Hole, West End Wall

West Roatan

Barry's Reef, Bear's Den, Blue Channel, Canyon Reef, Church Reef, Divemaster's Choice, Fish Den, Flowers Bay Wall, Gibson Bight, Herbie's Fantasy, Herbie's Place, Keyhole, Lighthouse Reef, Overheat Reef, Pablo's Place

Central Roatan

Andy's Wall, Anka's Place, Caity's Corner, Canyon Lands, Castle Cannon, Cemetary Wall, Channel Shore, Coco View Wall, Connie's Dream, Crazy Canyons, Doc's Retreat, Elbow, French Cay, French Cay Bank, French Cay Cut, Little French Cay Wall, Gold Chain Reef, Half Moon Bay, Inside & Outside Chimneys, Ironshore, John's Spot, Magic Bobby, Marylyn's Front Porch, Micky's Place, Milton Bight, Missing Link, Moray Lagoon, Neverstain Bight, Newman's Wall, One Minute West (OMW), Parrot Tree, Pepper Point, Pirate's Point, Polyy Tilly, Shipwreck, Stingray Coral, Too Tall-Too Small, Valley of the King, Ventana al Valle, View / Fishspot, Wonderbar, Yubu

East Roatan

Carib Point, Casablanca, Church Wall, KeyHole, Pond View Wall, Santa Helene, Rose, Silence Spring, Tortuga Reef, Verde Grande


Barbareta Beach, Jade Beach, Pigeon Cays, Trunk Turtle Wall


Bayman Bay Drop-off, Caldera del Diablo, Don Enrique Wreck, Eels Garden, Elkhorn Forest, Fantasy Reef, George's Reef, Hector's, Michael Rock Channel, Pavilions, Pinnacle, Ruthie C, Southwest Cay, Blacktip Slumberland, Captain's Crack, Gorgonian Wall, Jim's Silver Lode, Lee's Pleasure, Tortuga Reef, Vertigo, Volcano Caves, Black Rocks, Windmill Reef

Cayos Cochinos

Bajo Fiero, Bajo Tino, Bajo Tito, Caballero Banks, Dana Bank, East Roatan Bank, Far East Bank, Jena's Cove, Mariposa Banks, North Sand Cay Wall, Roatan Bank, Small and Large Morat, Thirty-Thirty, Plantation Beach, Wall