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Cayos Cochinos are a set of pristine cays and islands separated from the rest of the Bay of Islands.

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Cayos Cochinos, Cochinos Cays or Hog Islands consist out of thirteen grouped coral cays and two islands. The two islands are Cochinos Grande (Cayo Mayor) and Cochinos Pequeño (Cayo Minor) with the Plantation Beach Resort on Cayo Mayor being the only dive accommodation. There is a spectacular hiking trail that brings you to the island's lighthouse and highest top with views across the whole group. It is only allowed to anchor at the designated mooring points, located at the 23 official dive sites and in between the two large islands. The whole area has been awarded the status of Marine Protected Area in 1993 and Marine Natural Monument in 2003 managed by the Honduran Coral Reef Foundation making sure that future divers will also enjoy these pristine underwater worlds. The cays are located at only ten miles from the mainland and can be reached from La Ceiba, Nueva Armenia, Sambo Creek and by day tours from Roatan and Utila.

Diving and snorkeling around the cays is stunning. It is a remote, healthy and quiet area, attracting many different forms of marine life. Dive sites are spectacular colorful with Pelican Point Wall and the Airplane Wreck being the most popular. You can also visit some of the seamounts that are located even further west and not often visited by dive boats.

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