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Barracuda will follow you when diving several different routes with canyons, through swim-throughs and across sand patches.

Name Dive Site:Barracuda
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Barracuda is a top dive site with many different routes to explore. Each new dive master has developed their own route to this site. The mooring sits in around 26ft of water with a reef shelf underneath. As the name suggest there are barracudas around this site and its quite common for you to spot one at the beginning of a dive and then for the barracuda to follow you throughout your dive.

To the east of the mooring there is a sandy area at around 44ft depth, which is ideal for training. Follow the sand patch with occasionally southern stingrays and porcupine fish, to the east and look out for lobsters at the base of the reef. Carrying on north-east from the end of the sand patch takes you to an area called shark garden. Here as the name suggests we often spot nurse sharks at around 100ft. Heading straight north from the mooring you come to an area of a sloping reef with some great swim-throughs. The sandy areas stretch down to around 90ft and nurse sharks have been spotted in this area as well. From there head west and explore the swim throughs. To return to the mooring head south and you'll find a shallow gravel canyon area that leads to the wall follow this shallow wall at 26ft with the wall to the right, therefore heading east again to return to the boy.

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