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At Pat's Place you can enter a crack and swimmthrough in the reef wall starting at 32m and exiting at 16m.

Name Dive Site:Pat's Place
Depth: 13-98ft (4-30m)
Inserted/Added by: subway_watersports

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The mooring at Pat's Place is located in a 5 meter deep sand patch. The sand patch by the way is a perfect spot for skills practice with student divers. One will start the dive heading west from the mooring where you'll discover an amazingly large crack in the reef wall. You start your descent at about 9 meter and exit the crack at 20 meter, from there you swim under large wall overhangs and outcroppings.

It is incredible; you look up and see spectacular views made perfect by the reef wall outcrops, corals and schools-and-schools of tropical fish. You look to the side and see massive sea fans, in fact there are an unusual amount of large sea fans on the dive, coming out of the crack, you continue swimming along the wall and find an amazing swim-through that begins at 32m. You ascended through this incredible tunnel in the reef wall, the exit is at 16m. What a dive! On your way back to the mooring you'll spot a few more smaller canyons.

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