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Forty Foot Point is a rich vertical drop-off starting at 40 foot or 12 meter surprisingly.

Name Dive Site:40-Foot Point, Fish Soup
Depth: 19-98ft (6-30m)
Inserted/Added by: subway_watersports

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Forty Foot point is the official Fish Soup but if there is a boat tied up we can dive Missing Link instead. If diving to the east from 40ft point or to the west from Missing Link, either way you will end up on a point on the reef with a slight upwelling that brings up nutrition and that's why there gather a lot of fish.

You might see large Tiger Groupers being cleaned and then you might notice huge schools of Creole Wrasse. They are usually at the top of the reef in about ten meters. Once you start to see a lot of fish hover motionless nearby, you are at Fish Soup; one might see schools of Atlantic Spadefish, Horse Eye Jacks, Ocean Triggerfish, Bermuda Chup, Blue Chromis and big black Groupers passing by. If you don't see a lot of fish have a look in the deep crevices of the wall for lobster and crab.

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