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Dolphin Den or Dolphin Graveyard is a nice cavern with a partly open ceiling making it a save and relaxed cave dive.

Name Dive Site:Dolphins Den, Dolphin Graveyard
Depth: 13-39ft (4-12m)
Inserted/Added by: native_sons

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The Dolphin Graveyard is an amazing network of caves, tunnels and canyons leading from the inside to the outside of the reef. It starts in about 15ft and comes out at 40ft near the wall. The bottom is sand and there is plenty of natural light shining through the holes in the top. In the summer it is filled with silversides. In the 1980's some divers went into the cave system and found the remains of a dozen dolphins. No-one really concluded on why they were there. However in the summer of 2007 the tragedy was repeated when 10 more dead dolphins were found and this time it was decided that maybe the dolphins followed the silversides inside leading to a feeding frenzy. They became disoriented. Three were found trying to get through the openings at the top of the caves. Some others had broken beaks and broken fins.

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Name: subway_watersports

Dolphin Den is a shallow cave like swim-through that takes you from the inside of the reef to the outside. The maze of tunnels and caverns is so extensive that you can spend your whole dive inside; still it is simple enough not to get lost. There are plenty of openings in the ceiling to make this dive save, however we do recommend staying close to your dive buddy. Inside the cavern one may find thousands of silversides and other creatures like moray eels or a nurse shark. On the outside one can find many lettuce leave slugs and sea hares.

The site got its name because of several founds of Dolphin bones. The last one in the summer of 2007 where a pod of 13 bottlenose dolphins swam into the cavern, got trapped and drowned. The most common explanation of the tragic event is that the dolphins followed a school of silversides into the cavern and got disoriented in the thick cloud of baitfish. For once, silversides caught the dolphins.

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