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To the north of Honduras you will find the Bay of Islands, a world class diving paradise.

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Morat Wall, Barbareta Wall:
Morat Wall is one of the most exciting dives in the Bay Islands. The 3 miles long offshore reef offers great drift divin...
- Mary's Place: Mary's Place is Roatan's most famous site ...
- Prince Albert: The stunning Prince Albert Wreck was an island fre...
Insidious Reef:
Insidious Reef is a wicked wall dive located on a small crest just south of the more common fringe reef.
- Shark Dive, Face to Face
- Sea Star Channel
To the north of Honduras you will find the Bay of Islands, a world class diving paradise.
- Central Roatan
- West Roatan
Dolphins Den, Dolphin Graveyard:
Dolphin Den is a shallow cave like swim-through that takes you from the inside of the reef to the outside. The maze of t...
Utila is a prima scuba destinations surrounded by fringing coral reefs, steep walls and beautiful low lying cays.
Several dives around Utilla town:
Three dives around Utilla town. In the beginning I thought here are all the fish, but slowly they started appearing a...
- Drifting Lighthouse Reef...
- Bicycles and a Steering Cabin of the Haliburton Wr...
Texas is one of the dive sites where you cana find the elusive Sargassum triggerfish.
- West End Wall
- Half Moon Bay Wall

Honduras is one of the scuba holiday destinations in Central America. The most popular area known all over the world is the Bay of Islands in the Caribbean Sea. This group of islands lies just to the north of Honduras and includes Roatan, Barbareta, Utila, Guanaja and the Cayos Cochinos. Roatan is with 60 km long and less than 10km wide the largest of the Bay of Islands. It offers pristine white sandy beaches, luxury bungalows, resorts, nightlife and tropical jungle-covered hills. Barbareta is a small privately owned island to the east of Roatan known for scuba diving at Morat Wall and its excellent snorkeling trips to the Pigeon Cays. Utila offers whale shark dives, steep walls, several wrecks and is one of the most laidback backpacker areas known in Central America. Guanaja is slightly more remote and most resorts and dive shops are located at the packed offshore village of Bonacca. There are also several wicked cays to the south that make excellent day trips. The Cayos Cochinos consist out of two islands and 13 coral cays and are awarded the status of Marine Natural Monument in 2003. Because of this, diving is superb, controlled and its underwater world is maintained and protected.

Many of the Bay of Islands offer bird tours, eco tours, fishing trips, there are canopy trails and many hiking tracks with some of the best views across the Bay of Islands. Utila and Roatan are the two most touristic islands but even here you might find yourself separated from the rest of the world. Other highlights in Honduras include the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization Copan, the beaches of Tela and the historic colonial town of Omoa.

Diving, snorkeling and the pristine bays and beaches of the Bay of Islands are the main reason that most tourists visit Honduras. One of the main types of coral you will spot in Roatan are brilliant pieces of black corals, more green and gold colored than black. Most strands are found in waters below 20m deep because it grows very slow and coral in shallower waters has been removed and illegally sold. The waters in Honduras are rich of plankton. Coral growth is excellent and there is a lot of different marine life to be found in its clear turquoise waters. You can dive with large whale sharks to turtles and small nudibranch. It is one of the top scuba destination in the world.